How robotics can employ lessons from the world’s most famous mouse

Last month we attended A3’s annual Business Forum. It’s an event we look forward to not only to meet up with others in the robotics industry, but also for the opportunity to learn more about upcoming issues, trends and forecasts for the coming fiscal year. The keynote speakers are always excellent, but this year Dennis Snow of Snow & Associates, Inc.’s presentation, titled “Leading a Culture of Service Excellence; Lessons from the Mouse,” particularly struck a chord with me. As [...]

IREX ends year with innovation, looks into the future of robotics

The IREX show in Japan, which takes place every other year, is the biggest robotics event in the world, providing those of us in the industry with an in-depth look at what’s new, what’s interesting, and what’s truly innovative in the field of robotics. Each year we look forward to taking it all in so we can tell you, our customers, about the great things Toshiba Machine has in store for you. 2015 was an exciting year for Toshiba Machine [...]

Buy local: Higher quality, lower cost precision assembly regains U.S. profitability

A few years back, offshore manufacturing seemed to initiate a boon akin to what was seen during World War II. Companies took their manufacturing elsewhere where cheap labor and high-speed, inexpensive production equipment drove prices down and profits up. As the ensuing debates here in the Unites States have borne out, profitability wasn’t achieved quite this simply. “Made in the U.S.A.” clearly has merit. However, to maintain profitability, U.S. labor must work side-by-side with highly efficient equipment. Let’s take a [...]