Economical fully automated packing machine

ORFER BoxCellPlus opens the cardboard, folds the flaps,fills out the cardboard boxes and seals the bottom with tape. Due to a modular structure and an adjustable control system it is easy to connect to an automated packing system. The high speed of TOSHIBA MACHINE SCARA robots has made the development of the packing cell possible.

The robot can handle all products weighing less than 10 kilograms due to its excellent handling capabilities. TOSHIBA MACHINE has been proven very reliable, durable, and maintenance-free, due to its simple structure.

ORFER BoxCellPlus benefits:

• fast installation and implementation
• easy to use and cost effective
• compact size
• fast changes between different box sizes
• large doors, easy access inside
• strong frame structure
• good visibility inside the machine
• high-quality components

Technical specifications:

Box dimensions:
– L = 200–400 mm
– W = 150–300 mm
– H = 100–300 mm

Max. cardboard size:
– L+W = 720 mm
– H+W = 620 mm

– 8–12 boxes/min
– 40–70 products/min

Bottom closure:
– with tape

– Siemens S7

Connected load:
– 5.4 kVA

– 400V 50Hz

Control voltage:
– 24 VDC

Pressurised air consumption:
– 6 bar 30l/box

– electric and pneumatic

– 700 kg


• left and right-handed models
• opening doors at the rear
• protective tunnel for box output
• remote connectivity
• maintenance agreement,
oCare 24/7
• vision system
• stainless steel frame for demanding environment

The Orfer BoxCell system

The Orfer BoxCell system uses a TOSHIBA MACHINE TH650A SCARA robot from TM Robotics to quickly pack products into plastic or cardboard boxes. Orfer’s newest system—the ORFER BoxCellPlus—expands on the popular BoxCell packing cell with the ability to open flattened boxes, fold the flaps, and seal the bottom with tape and then fill the box with products—all in one economical, space-saving, and fully automated packing cell.

The robot at the heart of the BoxCellPlus needed to be easy to use, flexible, and cost-effective, with high-quality components for reliability and low maintenance.