ceilingimageEvery application is unique and occasionally the need arises to position the robot some distance from the product it is handling. On these occasions, the capability to extend the z-axis stroke of a SCARA robot can be invaluable, allowing the user to opt for this cost effective technology in place of more expensive, but larger, six axis machines.

That this can be achieved without significantly reducing the payload, repeatability or speed of the machines simply demonstrates the versatility of the Toshiba Machine SCARA range.

Applicable Models: TH450, TH550, TH650, TH850, TH1050


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    TH450/TH550 Z-axis stroke can be extended up to 300mm
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    TH650/TH850/TH1050 Z-axis stroke can be extended up to 400mm
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    Larger margin for upward or downward movement
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    Vital in long workplaces
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