1000The largest THL SCARA Robots include the THL800, THL900 and THL1000 with arm lengths of 800mm, 900mm and 1000mm respectively.

Each THL offers a payload of 10kg. Cycle times (with 2 kg load) are .47s for the THL800 and THL900, and .48s for the THL1000.

All THL Robots feature a working envelope of 4 axes, with a Z-axis rotation of 360º with a Z axis movement up to 300mm.

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    Low Cost
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    Light to Medium Duty
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    Up to 10kg Payload
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    Arm lengths from 300 to 1000mm
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    Ideal for loading and unloading applications

TSL3000E Controller

Introducing the TSL3000E CE compliant cost effective controller, specifically designed to accompany the THL SCARA range of industrial Robots.

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